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Our schools have a long and rich history of providing families with an excellent Christian education for their children. This Pre-K - 12 relationship allows our association to provide a solid educational system for all our youth. Staffed by caring, Christian teachers, all of the Lakeshore Lutheran Schools nurture children both educationally and spiritually.

The goal of this program to build a cooperative association of teachers, administrations, students, families, and local communities. There is the opportunity to work together on Pre-K - 12 curriculum issues as well as offering joint sports and music programs. Arrange a visit to one of our schools soon.


Our schools in the Lakeshore Lutheran Schools association share a common bond in the God's Word and the message of salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We all preach that message and that message guides and directs every activity in and out of the classroom. That does not mean that each school is identical. We are very blessed to have a variety of styles and personalities as you go from school to school. Each school is unique, but the central core is the same.


We have three grade schools in the "northern" portion of our area. You can find those in Egg Harbor, Sturgeon Bay, and Algoma. Brillion, Maribel, Morrison, and Reedsville are what we would term the "western" side of Lakeshore Lutheran Schools association. The "southern" end of the association includes Kiel, Newtonburg, and Howards Grove. The bulk of our schools are concentrated right around and in the city of Manitowoc.  In Manitowoc, you will find Bethany, Immanuel, and First German.  In Two Rivers you will find St John’s.   Grace church, in Manitowoc, has a stand-alone Preschool called Jesus' Lambs and Mishicot has Tiny Treasures Preschool. Manitowoc Lutheran High School is the final destination that we hope our students will attend.


The curriculum at each school is very strong. All of the subject areas are covered well, but the added bonus is that all subjects are taught from a "Christ-centered" point of view. We see how God has guided history, how He has specially designed the world, how He has crafted languages and art, how He has blessed us with music, and how He uses math in so many areas of life. Mostly we see, in Religion classes, God's plan of salvation carried out by Jesus. His life, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven give everything in this life meaning and purpose.

Our schools also offer a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. There are many sports offered at our schools as well as our Junior Lancer sports offered through MLHS. Many schools have drama or musical productions each year. Many schools have students taking music lessons during the school day, including participation in the MLHS Junior Lancer Band and Choir program. A few schools have offerings in the foreign language field.

Our schools are staffed by teachers that share a common faith with the students and families that they serve. What a comfort to know that your child is being taught by a Christian who shares the same faith and values that you have as a parent.

Because many of our grade schools have enrollments around 100 students, class sizes are small which enhances the individual attention that each student can receive. Increased participation in many extra-curricular activities is also an added benefit of having schools of this size. If you are looking for a school where your child can "do it all", a Lakeshore Lutheran School is the place for you.

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