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League Rules

Click the link above to access all of our rules and guidelines that we use for our various league sports.

Purpose of the League

Philosophy Statement



Please see Constitution

of the Lakeshore Lutheran

League for full details.

To provide opportunity for Christian sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation.

To provide opportunity for building Christian freindships.

To promote unity of purpose in the interscholastic athletics of our schools.

To provide opportunity to develop moral, spiritual, social, and mental characteristics of the children.

To provide training for high school and lifetime athletics.

To provide opportunity for exposure to sports in the interscholastic setting.

Conference membership shall consist of the schools of the Lakeshore Lutheran League.

New members shall be accepted at any meeting of the conference by a simple majority vote of the existing members. Each member school must be notified at least two weeks in advance. As member of the Lakeshore Lutheran League you are agreeing with the constitution and sports guidelines of the league. Voting membership shall be limited to one vote per school through their designated official. When schools are combined for a sport, they will be granted one vote on issues concerning that sport. If a repeated violation of the Constitution and/or Regulations of the conference occurs, steps will be taken as outline in the constitution. 

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