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Athletic Opportunities with the Lakeshore Lutheran League

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Lakeshore Lutheran League

The Lakeshore Lutheran League is to promote unity of purpose in the interscholastic athletics of our schools. We want to provide the opportunity to develop moral, spiritual, physical, social, and mental characteristics of our athletes. We hope to provide an opportunity for teaching teamwork and cooperation. We wish also to provide opportunity for Christian sportsmanship and friendship.


First German (5-8)

Sat. Sept. 10, 2022 @ MLHS

Bethany (K-2, 3-4)

Sat. Sept. 17, 2022 @ MLHS

Trinity, Kiel (K-2, 3-4, 5-8)

Sat. Sept. 24, 2022 @ Kiel Soccer Fields

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Boys and Girls B-Team Tournament

Fri-Sun, Jan 20-22, 2023 @ MLHS

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Boys and Girls A-Team Tournament

Fri-Sun, Jan 27-29, 2023 @MLHS

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Cross Country

Track & Field

Brillion Hosted Track Day

(Watch for details)

Combined Track Day

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

@ Ron Rubick Municipal Athletic Field

2200 Grand Avenue, Manitowoc, WI

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B-Team Tournament

Saturday, October 8, 2022

@ Wayside Lutheran-8378 CTH, Greenleaf

A-Team Tournament

Friday & Saturday, October 14-15, 2022


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League Members

League Rules

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